DarkRP Rules

General Rules

  1. Be kind and respectful to each other. Toxicity is bannable.
  2. Absolutely no racism/hate speech, it will result in an immediate permanent ban.
  3. Absolutely no hacking/exploiting
  4. This is an English server, any in game chat must be in English (excluding party chat/PMs)
  5. In game currency and items (Cash, Printers, C4, Shipments, etc.) may not be sold or traded for real life items, currency or credits.
  6. No mic spam.
  7. No punishment avoidance. Doing so will result in a permanent ban.
  8. Scamming is not allowed. Players caught scamming will receive a 1-7 day ban.
  9. Focus on creating a fun experience for all players.

RP Rules

Random Death Match (RDM)

  • Players harming you, breaking in, threatening, or stealing may be killed without warning
    • Preemptive killings are allowed if the intent is clear and video evidence is provided

  • Raids, Hits, and gang fighting while capturing a point do not require warning and are not considered RDM
  • Any other situations require a warning in chat and 10 seconds for compliance
    • The attacker is responsible for making sure his victim knows what's up

  • The mayor may not be killed for 5 minutes after being voted in. 

We want murders to be generally handled by the police. If you're killed for a mugging or kidnapping or in a raid, call the police! Hold C and press "Call the Police" in the top left corner to file a report.

Mass Random Death Matching (MRDM)

MRDM is killing multiple people or the same person more than once within a period of 5 minutes without any RP reason. MRDM is against the rules and will be punished by up to a 1 day ban.


  • Civil Servants may never group with Criminals
  • Gun dealers may never group with Criminals
  • Bankers may never group with Criminals
  • Max party/group size is 5
    • Placing any money generating entities within a base is considered basing


  • All bases must use the Fading Door tool.
    • Maximum 3 fading doors for defense
      • All defense keypads must be clearly visible and accessible without crouching
    • Maximum 3 fading doors for shooting holes
      • Shooting holes must be able to fit one models/hunter/blocks/cube05x05x05.mdl 

  • Fading bridges, sky-bases, and falling ceiling props are not allowed.

  • Base entrances must have a minimum of 2x2x2 between doors.
    • Bases cannot force players to crouch, jump, crouch jump or precision walk at any point
    • No forced croucing
    • No mazes, base entrances must be clearly navigable

  • Only hobos may build in the streets without staff approval


  • You may place a building sign and gain raid protection provided you do not have any money generating items in your base

  • You may place a sign noting you're under level 15 if you want raid immunity
    • This is only valid if all members of your base are under level 15
    • You must remove this sign once any party members reach level 15

  • KOS signs may not be outside of your property
    • KOS signs must be clearly visible
    • KOS signs must be at chest height

RP Relation

    • Citizens may assist other citizens if they seem them being mugged, kidnapped, or assaulted
    • Parties may not assist other parties with raiding, defending, or counter raiding
    • Civil Servants are restricted to having RP relation only with other civil servants
      • Hire-able jobs are restricted to RP relation with those that hire them and anyone related to the person who hired

Fail RP / Fear RP

We don't really care for fail or fear RP. However there are a couple of rules that do apply still

  • Killing yourself for any of the below reasons is not permitted
    • Being wanted
    • Getting cuffed
    • Being in jail
    • Getting kidnapped
    • Getting mugged


  • If a base as a building or under level 15 sign you may not raid them
    • This applys to both Criminals and Cops

  • Only jobs in the criminal category may raid
    • After raiding one group you must wait 30 minutes before you can raid the same group again
    • You can raid other groups without waiting

  • You have 10 minutes to complete your raid
    • Players from both sides may return during the 10 minute period

Mugging and Kidnapping

  • All muggings and kidnappings must be done with the use of the handcuffs and baton weapons
    • You must wait 30 minutes before mugging/kidnapping the same person

  • Max ransom for kidnapping is $50,000
    • The longest you can hold a hostage is 10 minutes

  • Hostages my KOS their kidnapper
    • Kidnappers may KOS hostile hostages
  • Muggers may kill their victims if they aren't complying

  • Killing yourself to get out of a kidnapping / mugging is punishable with a warn

Class guidelines

Gun Dealer

  • You must have a publicly accessible storefront
  • Self supply is against the rules without having a storefront


  • You may not withdraw from others printers without approval
  • You may not co-operate with criminals raiding the vault


  • You may not create any laws that violate the rules
  • You may not invalidate any of the premade laws


  • Police must always first attempt an arrest
    • If an arrest is not possible than killing is OK
  • Warrants
    • Players may only be warranted for evidence gathered directly by police
    • Evidence gathered by Security Cameras is acceptable
  • KOS rules
    • Police may KOS criminals involved in gang capture point fighting
    • Police may KOS criminals preforming violent actions
      Police may KOS anyone who assaults them


  • Any barricades must be bypassable